Matt Nisonger

Digital Leader in Product Management, Customer Strategy and Performance Metrics

tel: 323-829-6535

Matt Nisonger


From the Bay Area and now living in Durham, I've spent the past 15 years working in digital media. I have built, conceived, marketed and managed for web properties and applications of all sizes working independently and leading cross-functional teams in Music, Film and Broadcast Television and the NPO world.

Currently I work to create transformative visions and develop supporting strategies in marketing automation for the IT Channel.

My management style is direct and rooted in efficiency and urgency. I succeed with succinct communication, data persuasion and relationships built on integrity and trust.

As both marketing strategist and former developer, I have dangerous insight into: revision control systems, code frameworks, relational databases and data interchange formats, responsive design, user-centered design, and usability in addition to product roadmapping, integrated marketing, lead generation, buying personas, mobile-first strategies and data science.

My goal is to create compelling engagement opportunities that maximize utilization for stakeholders and offer peak experiences to users in a measurable way.

User advocacy, analytics-based decision making and highly iterative development are my key hallmarks and central to my performance-based approach.

Outside of work I like exploring downtown Durham, often with my lab-pit, Kaya. I frequently try to relive my collegiate glory days of golf (and beer-drinking). Bungalow living, maps, very small tents and great mosquito repellent are also interests.

Work Summary

Since 2011, I have been the Director of Strategic Engagement for UBM Tech, a division of United Business Media. I'm responsible for the customer strategy, services division and all client-facing deliverables related to the company's immensely successful SaaS offering known as SharedVue, a marketing automation platform for the tech channel vertical.

Previously (2009-2011), I was Director of Technology and oversaw the operations and production processes used to develop and support the SharedVue platform leading up to the acquisition of SharedVue by UBM.

Before that I owned and operated a SaaS development company over an 8 year period where I created multiple recurring revenue products, including a visual effects management platform, VFX Nexus, used by prominent movie and television production houses including the NFL Network.

During this same period (1999-2008), under employment of three companies, I worked with many large digital media brands, leading successful and innovative early efforts in distributed web content management, communities and music/video. Those brands included Interscope, Virgin, and Dreamworks Records, Disney/ABC, Motorola and the American Film Institute.

Notable Achievements

During my time in senior leadership positions at UBM Tech/SharedVue, we have taken a majority of the content syndication market for our target audience of Fortune 100 technology companies such as IBM, Cisco, VMware, Intel and HP.

Also while at SharedVue, we have signifcantly grown revenue in each of the last 3 years with a customer strategy I developed using detailed performance metrics to guide client programs and create new service offerings.

Since acquisition by UBM, I have leveraged new resource investments to create and execute on a vision to create a Cross-Channel Integrated Marketing Platform; expanding the company offering from pure content syndication to include Web-Email-Social-Search integration and a rich services strategy.

As Director of Client Services, I led a team at interactive agency Schematic working with ABC to design the first online social networking property in the Disney portfolio.

While at Fullerene, I was the chief architect of the CMS powering 400+ musician web sites for Interscope, Dreamworks and Virgin Records.

I developed American Film Institute's first digital catalog of their extensive film library.

I produced Disney's first interactive television games for the Disney Channel.


University of California at San Diego - B.A. Political Science, Provost's Honors
Member, 1993 Division III Golf National Championship Team